What is Online Cold Wallet?

Online Cold Wallet is the definition of a company established in in the US with the operation center in the UK as the center of commerce that offers physical wallet and SWAP service. OCW offers Trade, Stake, Pool and Farm properties to its users which none other physical wallets around the world offers. Online Cold Wallet does not want to be limited with these services and has another property that other SWAP firms do not have which simultaneously supports BSC and ERC networks.

Online Cold Wallet that closely monitors the technology and wants to be highlighted with its differences announced on August 2021 the pre-sales policies by launching its own cryptocurrency. Since we care our users, we are honored to announce up to 60% to 210% annual income policy when OCW Tokens are staked.

What are the advantages of using Online Cold Wallet?

On contrary to other firms, Online Cold Wallet does not collect commission in every transaction and offers constant APR rates in all advantage packages. This means when a user stakes a product, the APR rate will not decrease or increase regardless of the APR rate at the time of the stake.

The platform passed the AUDIT report with 81 points over 100 points and no software vulnerabilities were found. This indicates that the OCW token contract address is safe and 81 points indicate that the project is strong and protected. You can check Online Cold Wallet AUDIT reports open for everyone on our website. If you don’t know what AUDIT is, you can check what is AUDIT article is on our documentation page.

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