What is AUDIT?

Because smart contracts are immutable and cannot be changed once deployed; code security needs to be perfected before release. A single bug or vulnerability could misuse funds or give hackers opportunities to exploit the contract.

The biggest hack in the crypto world so far took place this August. Different tokens worth $600 million from Poly Network, a cryptocurrency platform, were seized by a hacker. After a certain period of time, the hacker returned these tokens and the platform users' grievances were resolved.

However, this big event once again reminded all crypto users of the importance of using a secure platform. So how can project owners and users know whether blockchain protocols and smart contracts are reliable enough? We may not have the technical knowledge to perform the necessary checks. This is where Audit companies come into play.

Why is the AUDIT process important?

Security is a must in today's crypto world, especially with DeFi protocols.

If the protocol and smart contracts of the project you are using have been sufficiently audited and approved by the institution; you can use this project more comfortably, keep your money there and maybe sleep more comfortably at night.

But we must not forget that no Audit firm, not even CertiK, which is considered the best, can guarantee 100% absolute security. Errors are possible wherever there is a human factor. This applies not only to the crypto world, but also to today's traditional financial and centralized institutions.

What CertiK and other Audit firms offer; It is to reduce these possible errors to the least possible level by making inspections.

One of the ways to make a safe investment is to check whether the crypto platforms that you will invest in and use the opportunities they offer have these security audits and how well-equipped and sufficient the companies that carry out these audits are.

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