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How To Earn With Staking?

Head to the stake page with the panel on the left of the screen, it should be noted that there are multiple packages offered to users.

Package 1: OCW stake BUSD earn package, day limit is 120 days. 60% APR

Package 2: OCW stake OCW boiler package, day limit is 360 days. 210% APR

After choosing between the packages, head to the stake now button on the right of the package and proceed.

Enter the amount you want to get a stake in the total amount for stake field on the screen that appears, with numbers, the select day button will not work and you will not be able to progress.

You can stake a minimum of 50 OCW, there is no maximum limit requirement.

After entering the number you want to stake, select the day with the select day button and complete the process with the stake now button at the bottom of the page. It may take 0-12 hours for tokens to be credited to the account due to time zone differences.

About Other Benefits

For such advantages, you can choose from dozens of crypto assets on the stake page and earn daily, monthly and annual income.

About early unlocking: Users can unlock and retrieve their tokens before expiration. In case of early exchange and redemption, the principal is returned to the spot account and the distributed yield is deducted from the refunded principal. It may take 48-72 hours for tokens to be credited to the account due to time zone differences. If you want to cancel the advantage package before it expires, a 20% deduction will be taken from your products.

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